You obtain immediate and dependable access to working capital (which grows with your business!) without incurring additional debt, because it is not a loan


You accelerate the conversion of your A/R into working capital and thus turn your operation into a COD-like business


Contrary to bank loans, you obtain cash funds quickly based on the creditworthiness of your customers, not yours


Makes it easier for your customers to buy from you, because you can offer extended payment terms without adversely affecting your cash flow


Eliminates the need to offer early payment discounts to your customers


Allows you to retain all control and equity in your business, because it eliminates the need for outside investment


Provides you with credit screening and credit monitoring tools of your customers


Gives you the financial freedom and peace of mind to focus on your business and its growth instead of administration


It only requires a minimal amount of time and paperwork, since we have already eliminated all red tape and lengthy application and approval processes


There are no restrictions on the use of the funds you receive: Use the funds for on-time payroll, tax payments, marketing activities, business expansion, new equipment as you see fit, or even retire old debts. Sometimes on-time cash may even eliminate the need to file bankruptcy


Boosts your purchasing power vis-ŕ-vis your suppliers (lets you benefit from their early payment or volume discounts)


Improves your balance sheet and increases the net-worth of your company by increasing cash and decreasing Accounts Receivable


Quickly strengthens your company’s financial statements and credit rating


Helps your company qualify more quickly for financing through banks or other investors if you still need them

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