Success and results are probably the most important ones. Just ask our clients! And if our programs don't fit you, we'll even try to find you one that does. Guaranteed!


We always focus on your needs first! And although we may not be the first financing company you have looked at, we might perhaps be the first one you'll want - and maybe even the last one you ever need


We spell customer satisfaction with a capital "C". In fact, we prefer the concept of customer delight and unmatched service excellence. And since we won't settle for anything less, why should you?


We don't believe in run-of-the-mill solutions. One size never fits all, but your size will definitely fit you! Just ask us how we can customize our programs so they are specifically tailored to your specific needs and situation


Creativity is king! You benefit from our outside-the-box thinking, so when it comes to structuring a financing solution for you, you'll never feel like a square peg in a round hole


We've also put cost control back where it belongs: With you! There are never any hidden fees, your rates will always be extremely competitive, and you never have to re-apply for more funds when you need them. You decide when you need extra working capital and how much, and - like with a traditional line of credit - you only pay for the money you use


You never have to deal with any sales or account managers. Instead, you have an open and direct communication line to the people who can make all decisions - most of the time even on the spot - our President or CEO


Contrary to many other programs, you will discover real flexibility - You'll never find yourself tied into restrictive, long-term contracts with a lot of small print. With us, you have the option of factoring your invoices daily, weekly, monthly and/or seasonally as you see fit and for as long as you like without any drawbacks or financial penalties. And because we share your views and feelings about small print, you'll never find any small print at all


When was the last time you came across a simple, quick, and user-friendly application and approval process when applying for financing? We invite you to experience the real difference between the typical "not now" and "here's how"


And since time is money, you can be set-up for your first factoring transaction in less than a week. But wait, there's more! Once your account is set-up, you'll be looking at an unbeatable turn-around time of typically 2 - 24 hours

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