Business Based

B-2-B or business-to-government transactions:

  Accounts Receivable Financing
  Purchase Order Funding

Insurance Based

Payments to individuals by insurance

  Casino Winnings
  Lawsuit Awards
  Personal Injury Claims
  Structured Settlements

Collateral Based
Payments secured by tangible goods or pledged by a business:

  Notes Financing (Business, Equipment,
Home, Automobile, etc.)

Government Based
Payments by State or Federal Government:

  Lottery Winnings

Other Business Financing Services

 Asset Based Lending
  Equipment Leasing
  Credit Card Sales Financing

Any of these cash flow instruments could unlock funds you may not even know you had

  You can find out immediately if you or your business can qualify for any of these solutions.

  Feel free to call us! We're here to help and look forward to assisting you.
And although we mainly specialize in buying your accounts receivable, we will nevertheless be more than happy to give you free advice and point you in the right direction with regard to any of the other funding solutions. So if you feel you could benefit from knowing more about any of these services or wonder how we can help you or someone you know, just give us a quick call at 561-746-1954 or simply e-mail us at

There will be absolutely no strings attached, no cost incurred, and everything remains completely confidential at all times. And by the way, your questions are answered directly; and only by our President or our CEO. You will never talk to any sales or account managers

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